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Share some genius switch shorting methods

At present can be cracked switch "learning machine" in the guidance of the homemade system are inevitably to carry out physical short connection, in the process of breeding a variety of ideas ~

First of all, all kinds of shopping platforms have commercial products that can meet this kind of demand. Similar to the picture, the injector will come with a short connector, and the common atmosphere and sx os injector are available

In addition, a lot of highly skilled hands have come up with a variety of ways to "crack", let's take a look

The tinfoil method. The tinfoil from the usual cigarette pack, gum, chocolate or medicine can be used. Fold the tinfoil as shown in the picture.

2B pencil stub. This is the method I just saw, feeling... It's kind of weird. This is some god's homemade earthwork, the Angle needs to experience, and the pen tip may be broken, very good (very) use (silly) method.

The paperclip method. With a paper clip in the middle of the feet and 10 feet 9, also can achieve sub effect, some test succeeded in foreign countries. Similarly, paper clips, sewing needles and the like can also be tried, but be careful not to hurt the interface pin ~

These methods are all fantastic ideas from netizens. Have you learned them?

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